Infill Philadelphia: Soak it Up

How can the innovative design of green stormwater infrastructure enhance neighborhoods and the city as a whole? The Philadelphia Water Department, Community Design Collaborative, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are partnering to explore that question through will Infill Philadelphia: Soak It Up.

This design initiative will feature charrettes, workshops, and exhibition, and a competition to support the adoption, adaptation and implementation of green stormwater infrastructure in the Philadelphia region.

These programs and events will promote the principles and methods outlined in Green City, Clean Waters, Philadelphia’s innovative 25-year plan to protect and enhance the city’s waterways by managing stormwater primarily through green stormwater infrastructure. Infill Philadelphia: Soak It Up will promote design as a key part of the equation for a more sustainable Philadelphia.

The design initiative will:

  • Provide design, construction and development professionals in the Philadelphia region with meaningful, hands-on experiences working with green stormwater infrastructure methodologies that can be applied to their everyday practices.
  • Demonstrate the benefits (economic, environmental, market, etc.) of green stormwater infrastructure to local public officials, developers, design professionals and community organizations.
  • Encourage the greater use of sustainable site design, green stormwater infrastructure, and Low Impact Development.
  • Recognize innovation and creativity in creating high impact design using green stormwater infrastructure and Low Impact Development.
  • Accelerate the process and implementation for three real-life sites.

Philadelphia is a national innovator in stormwater management planning and policy. With Green City, Clean Waters and other plans and policies like Philadelphia 2035, Greenworks Philadelphia, and Green 2015 that have complementary goals, the City is well-positioned to explore the design and aesthetic possibilities of green stormwater infrastructure, improve community well being, change the way we think about infrastructure, and provide national models for American cities.